Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, in sunny Spain

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Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, in sunny Spain

Costa Blanca News  The Post
Costa del Sol News  Costa Almeria News  Costa Levante News

These are the local English language newspapers for the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Almeria and the Costa Levante News, for more details on any of these excellent newspapers, just click on the relevant link below:

Costa Blanca News

The Post

Costa del Sol News

Costa Almeria News

Costa Levante News

Costa Blanca News

Founded in 1971, the Costa Blanca News is a tabloid newspaper published in part colour.

Published every Friday, it can be bought all along the Mediterranean coastline from Gandia-Mazarrón and inland.

Who reads it? The Costa Blanca News is read by over 100,000 English speaking residents, holiday home owners and tourists of every nationality, including British, Spanish nationals, Scandinavian and Dutch.

What's in it? The Costa Blanca News has everything you would expect from a top selling local newspaper, including :
* Local, national and international news.
* Legal and fiscal information, vital for people owning property or living in Spain.
* Social groups and societies, for those wanting to make new friends and take up new interests, helping to make settling in Spain much easier.
* Entertainment, information about social and cultural events, restaurants and bars and places to visit for those wishing to live life the Spanish way.
* Sports pages, news and information from all the different sporting arenas including golf, bowls, cricket, football, etc, for those who like to include sport in their activities.
* Property market, highlighting different properties, both new and resale, for those wanting to keep an eye on the property market or wanting to be on the move.
* Comprehensive TV pages, giving the full week's listings for satellite TV channels, and an up to date guide on UK major soaps.
* Featuring Anita, Bond, Dr. B. Willis, Jolly John's Pool maintenance, DIY Dave and many more.
* Motor mart, information and adverts for new and second hand cars.
* Women's angle, looking at life from a woman's point of view.
* Advertising, services or items for sale, job vacancies etc.
* Boat mart, information and adverts for those with sea legs.

How do I subscribe to the Costa Blanca News? For those wanting to keep up to date with all the news and information while they are away from the Costa Blanca, subscriptions can be taken out by completing the form in the paper and sending it to one of the offices together with the remittance.
To subscribe, just contact either of the offices below at Torrevieja or Benijofar.

How do I advertise in the Costa Blanca News? To place an advert, contact one of the offices at Torrevieja or Benijofar detailed below :
Torrevieja office
Rambla Juan Mateo 26, Torrevieja, 03181 Alicante
Tel: 96 571 87 11
Fax: 96 571 57 58
Benijofar office
Vte. Blasco Ibañez, 36. Benijofar 03178 Alicante
Tel: 96 671 22 33
Fax: 96 671 21 70
Advertising on the internet with the Costa Blanca News
(Banners or Buttons)
Our internet pages are receiving thousands of visits every week. You can also advertise on the internet separately from the printed edition. Send your orders by email to:
Payment - Include your credit card details (card holder name, card number, expiry date and signature) on your fax or when phoning. Any orders not containing these details will be rejected.
Small ads - Place a small ad in our printed edition (see rates below) and it will be published on the Costa Blanca News website if space is available.
Small ads can be sent by email to :
Name, address and credit card details must be included if faxing, together with NIE number or passport number.
Important notice - Rates are subject to changes periodically and must be confirmed by the advertising department at the Costa Blanca News beforehand.

Head office for the Costa Blanca News
Apartado 95 03508 Benidorm, Alicante

Reception and Subscriptions
Tel: 96 585 52 86

Editorial Tel: 96 683 0176

Layout Tel: 96 683 0234

Advertising/Administration Tel: 96 683 0160

General enquiries
Internet advertising:
Regular copy:

Website for The Costa Blanca News:

Contact details for the Costa Blanca News :
Head Office - Finestrat (registered editorial offices)
Calle Alicante No 39,
Poligono Industrial La Cala
03509 Finestrat
(Behind Carrefour)
Postal address:
Apartado 95,
Benidorm 03508
Tel: [+34] 96 585 52 86
Fax: [+34] 96 585 8361/96 680 5975

Tel: [+34] 96 585 5286

Classified adverts
Tel: [+34]96 585 5287
Fax: [+34] 96 585 8361/96 680 5975

Display adverts (Advert material)

Advert Bookings/Accounts
Tel: [+34] 96 683 0160
Torrevieja Office
Rambla Juan Mateo 26
Tel: [+34] 96 571 8711
Fax: [+34] 96 571 5759
Mobile: 696 290 283
Monday - Friday 9:00-16:00 hrs

Benijófar Office
Calle Vicante Blasco Ibáñez, 36
(Main through road)
Tel: [+34] 96 671 2233
Fax: [+34] 96 671 2170
Monday - Friday 9:00-19:00 hrs

Almería Office - Mojácar
Parque Comercial Mojácar
Local 77
(2nd floor, near Spectrum Radio)
Tel: [+34] 950 473 179
Fax: [+34] 950 473 115
Mobile: [+34] 650 824 993
To place an advertisement outside of these areas contact head office on 96 585 52 86 for your nearest desk.

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The Post

The POST is a free newspaper, of which 6,000 copies are distributed every Wednesday (from Oliva in the north to La Manga in the south). It's an informal read with various sections including local news, girls stuff, charity, culture and fiestas, restaurants, motoring, animals, social and many items are actually sent in by the readers themselves so we enjoy good collaboration.

The Post  -  Torrevieja

There's usually coupons for several freebies (meals, discounts, etc). We also like to publish readers photos.

The Post is one of the best English-language local newspapers on the Costa Blanca and always gives excellent coverage to local news and events.

The editor is Cathy Humphreys and Avril Rentell is the deputy editor.

The main office for The Post is at the Costa Blanca News building in Finestrat (Calle Alicante 9, Poligono La Cala) but we also have an office in Torrevieja (Rambla Juan Mateo) and Benijófar (on the main through road).

Telephone number of head office is 965 852 404, fax 965 858 361 and our emails are and  

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Costa del Sol News

Now in its 13th year, the Costa del Sol News takes great pride in its solid local coverage of the coastal and inland region it serves. English-speaking residents have welcomed the paper, giving the 'Sol', as it is affectionately known, a steady increase in readership since the newspaper was launched.

The paper's formula is simple. It has a commitment to follow issues which interest readers and this has helped shape the publication into one, which is closely involved with what residents want to read about. The paper aims to reflect their concerns and interests in all aspects of Costa life.

Much has changed within its pages since the first edition was published in October 1996 as a black and white fortnightly. Today the Costa del Sol News appears on the news stands every Thursday and its bright full colour front page is easily recognisable. Inside the paper, readers can find a wide selection of local topics including news, current events, fiscal and legal advice, sport, Med TV Guide, motoring, free classifieds section, regular columns and competitions with exciting prizes. As the paper continues to win the confidence of readers and advertisers, so it grows and this year sees a bigger, better paper packed with more news and more stories which still only costs just one 1.20 euros

Costa del Sol News is published by Rotativos Mediterraneo SL, which has been producing English-language newspapers in Spain since 1971. The company currently publishes the weekly papers Costa del Sol News, Costa Blanca News, Costa Levante, Costa Almeria, The Post (covering the Costa Blanca area).

If you require advertising details or information on any of the above publications please email or phone +34 95 244 92 50; or fax +34 95 256 8712 or write to C.C. Las Moriscas Local 10, Avenida Juan Luis Peralta, 42, 29639 Benalmádena (Málaga), Spain.

The website for the Costa del Sol News is:
Tel: 95 244 9250
Email to

Costa del Sol News  -  Torrevieja

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Costa Almería News

The weekly newspaper for the Costa Almeria, from the same company that brought you the very popular Costa Blanca News - Published by: Rotativos del Mediterraneo SL
On sale weekly in the Almería province every Friday.
Price 1,20 euros
Founded in 2005.
Printed in tabloid format. 48 pages + Free TV supplement.

Readership :
It has a readership of British and other English speaking nationalities.
It is on sale along a 219 kilometre stretch of the Almería coastline.

Printing :
It is printed in black and white with some pages in full colour.
Postal address: 1448, 04638 Mojacar, (Almeria)
The website for the CB News Costa Almeria is:
Tel: 950 473 179
Fax: 950 473 115
Email to: or

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Costa Levante News

Website for the Costa Levante News:


Tel: 96 585 52 86

Email to: 

When calling any of the numbers on this page from the UK, please add the prefix 0034 before the number.

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