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The Rascals in Torrevieja

It will soon be showtime with the Rascals for 2009!  The show this year is called "Continental Capers" and all tickets will be 8 Euros.

Show dates are:

May 6th Almoradi theatre

May 20th Casa de Cultura, Guardamar

June 5th Casa de Cultura, Catral

Please phone Sue on 96 678 4874 for more details

All shows will be evening performances.

Rascals at Xmas 2008 :

The Rascals in Torrevieja

The Rascals
In the year 1993, a small group of people from La Siesta met up from time to time, chatting about many things and especially their new life in Spain. They decided it would be a good idea to form a group that would entertain the public and at the same time raise some money for charity. From this initial idea RASCALS was born and next year the group will be fifteen years old and still going strong!

The Rascals in Torrevieja

There is a lot of energy put in to producing a show but the RASCALS members always have a reserve to enjoy "˜fun nights' and fund raising events throughout the year. As the time passed RASCALS have grown stronger as a group both with their performances and their membership and today there are over 100 members coming not just from La Siesta but also from the many surrounding towns and villages.

The Rascals in Torrevieja

The average age of the cast is 60 years young and very few of them had ever performed on a stage before they became RASCALS. Our oldest active member is 83yrs old and he is often seen riding his bike to rehearsals! We always try to show that if you have the desire to do something different it is never too late to try!

The Rascals in Torrevieja


Golden Rascals
In 2006, it was decided to make our founder members "Golden Rascals"? as without these people we would not be a group today. We also agreed that in future any member that reached 65yrs and had given 10 years active service would also become "Golden Rascals."? Although some of these members are unable to appear on stage or help with the performances they remain some of our strongest supporters.

The Rascals in Torrevieja

In 2006, we performed in four theatres in and around the Torrevieja area and as a result, a total of €15000 was donated to local charities. For the first time ever, we held a Christmas sing-along at the Virgin Del Carmen theatre and raised another 2000€ for APANEE, the children's charity. We were also the first group to perform at the new Cardenal Belluga theatre in San Fulgencio.

The Rascals in Torrevieja

As the group push themselves ever harder the number of venues increase and Christmas 2007 saw us making our first ever appearance at Catral. We gave an "al fresco"? performance of carols and Christmas songs with a couple of dances thrown in too! The result was an outstanding success and a personal request from the Mayor meant that in 2008 we took our show to the Casa de Cultura in Catral. We also hit a milestone in 2007 when we appeared at the Municipal Theatre in Torrevieja. We were able to successfully fill the theatre which resulted in the grand sum of 4,200 € that was split between two charities.
ALL the money that we raise by selling tickets for the shows is donated to a selected charity on the night of the performance but RASCALS take just one thing, sheer enjoyment!

The Rascals in Torrevieja

However, during and after the shows the audience is invited to contribute in buckets that are passed around by various members. They are told that this money is really appreciated as it is used to fund materials, costumes, and equipment used in the shows that helps to make the shows what they have become today.

The Rascals in Torrevieja

The RASCALS aim to be a support to each other at all times, to do their best to give pleasure to the many that come to see the shows and to give something back to the community by donating to local charities. There are times when a special request is made for help and RASCALS are always quick to respond if they can.

Some of our charities
Age concern, Alpe, Apanee, Alzheimers Association, Cofriadia, Contra Cancer, Guardamar Red Cross, PCNurses, The Poor Of Spain, Rojales Residential Home, San Fulgencio Ambulance Service, SAT and Samaritans.

Thank You
The RASCALS would like to say a big "?Thank You"? to the Ayuntamientos (Town Halls) of San Fulgencio, Catral, Rojales, Guardamar and Torrevieja for all their past and continued support in allowing us to use their theatres and the General Public that buy tickets for our shows enabling us to carry on supporting the charities.
If you would like to join us and become a member, or give us help in any way, or be one of our advertisers in our programs or maybe you could offer us sponsorship, please contact us!

The Rascals in Torrevieja

For more information please telephone our Chairman Jill Rule on 966 727 282.

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