Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, in sunny Spain Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, in sunny Spain

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How many of you have been to a forum and all you came across was either troublemakers giving sarcastic comments wherever they could or people that just like to take, take and more take, without either giving back?  Would it surprise you to know that there can be another way?

The very popular local forums for Torrevieja, covers not just Torrevieja, but all areas from Alicante to Murcia, inland and on the coast. The forums have been going since 2010, have well over 3,000 members and it's where you'll find your forums haven.  Maybe you want to see the conversations on which are the best restaurants in Torrevieja and nearby areas?  Perhaps to find out about the best beaches / markets, etc in the area?  Just go to or simply click on any of the conversations below: Torrevieja Forums Most Active Topics

General - Questions, Answers And Comments
Bus Service to the main Bus Station in Torrevieja (17 posts)
Hello I know that there is.....

For Sale And Wanted
Chandelier for Sale (1 posts)
Lovely 5 spiral chandelier.....

What's On? Things To Do?
English Language Films in Torrevieja and Pilar (0 posts)
OK to kick off tonight.....

Services Offered And Wanted
Nameplate engraving (3 posts)
Our house buyer wants a.....

Telephones, Mobile Phones, TV, Internet And Computers
Internet for laptop (8 posts)
I have always taken a.....

Local News And Alerts
It's Gonna Get Warm (0 posts)
A new law proposed by.....

Everything Else
Images on the right hand side of here (13 posts)
Just a quick bit of.....

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